An overview

A four-year diploma study programme with a main emphasis on painting

An overview

The practise of painting is at the centre of the VASB full-time study programme. This includes the learning of basic painting and drawing techniques and skills elaborating on colours and shapes, dark and light and compositions, and drawing from observation and its translation into expressive forms.

We offer

• Four-year full-time study programme  with diploma, focusing on painting

• Four-year part-time study programme in painting 

• One-year guest studies - Painting Year

• Input weeks - three-week intensive workshops (it is possible to participate as a guest in the input weeks - read more)

How we work

A basic condition for artistic work is that the student focusses on a specific topic. For this reason, we work on a theme for three months, making it our focus. All activities are motivated by this topic: lectures, art history, painting or drawing skills, materials, printing methods, performances, excursions, study trips, etc.

Personal experimentation and research as well as exercises inspired by the Assenza method help students develop an awareness for process and challenge individual creativity.


Study content

Each year, students work on three themes with contrasting content. One theme usually relates to nature, one to mankind and another is a pure painting theme. read more