Diploma thesis

Final project

Diploma thesis


The final project includes a practical artistic part, a written presentation of the process and an oral presentation.


1. Topic

The final project has a topic, which can have a biographical component, relate to a world content or elaborate on purely painting/graphic themes. The final thesis is to be a personal research, but should also integrate what has been learnt during the course of study.

Examples of personal, biographical topics: human encounter, favourite poem, sound diary

Examples of world content: seasons, the water, landscape

Examples of painting and graphic content: warmth and coolness of colours, tension and balance, the colour black, the complementary colours

Depending on the topic chosen, the other areas mentioned above might resonate therein. The topics may change during the year and experience a development of their own.


2. The painting path = tool, technique, process

This is about the question of HOW, the realisation of the topic.

The choice of the painting means, the technique (tempera, oil, acrylic colours; printing technique: linocut or wood print, etching, aquatint; carrier: canvas, reverse glass, paper)

The painting path and the steps of the process should be made visible or tangible through sketchbook work and/or smaller formats in research series. Within this, the individual components such as. sound development, light-dark, etc., can be specifically examined. This work should fulfil the character of research.

A summary of the steps of the process should be presented in writing. The scope of the text is agreed upon individually.

At least ten medium formats, e.g. 60 x 80 cm, and at least five larger formats, min.100 x 120 cm, should created. The processes do not necessarily have to be further explained.


3. Presentation

In an exhibition, the context of the individual works should be shown and explained by the written and the oral presentation.

Installation, performance, projection, photo or video ‒ all can be part of the exhibition.

The possible location of the exhibition and the preparations for it are made in consultation with the school administration.