Donations / Student Fund

Donations / Student Fund


The Visual Art School Basel, established in 2011, pursues cultural and social objectives, with research and transmission of the visual arts in the foreground, most especially painting. Currently, about 15 students are studying full-time, while 20 students are registered in the part-time course. The school also offers workshops, evening courses and summer courses.

The legal sponsor of the art school is the Visual Art School Basel Association, based in Münchenstein. The Association supports the activities of the art school and is politically and religiously independent. It is funded by registration and tuition fees, donations and proceeds from exhibitions and other events.

If you wish to support the Association in its engagement, the following options are available to you:


With your donation, you support the work of the Visual Art School; your contribution will be used for example in financing art projects, guest lecturers, or for covering part of the basic costs (rent, material), etc.

Scholarship Fund

Should you wish to support students in a more specific way, you can contribute to our Scholarship Fund. These funds will be used to provide financial assistance to students aged below 30.

CHF 220 will cover a student's tuition fees for 1 week
CHF 880 will cover a student's tuition fees for 1 month
CHF 2'700 will cover a student's tuition fees for 3 months

Student Sponsorship

You wish to support one student in particular? The Student Sponsorship is the right option for you.


Donation account:

IBAN CH36 8080 8006 1134 6500 2, Raiffeisenbank Arlesheim, 4144 Arlesheim
Please specify the intended purpose of your contribution.

Should you have any question, please contact us at +41 61 321 29 75 or send us an email at