Open Studies Program 24-25

Open Studies Program 24-25

The study year is divided into two semesters. For each semester, there are three input weeks, in which intensive teaching take place. This is followed by project weeks, in which the student develops his/her own project, which is accompanied and based on the input weeks. The painting and graphic process itself is essential for all themed blocks.

Topic of the year: Roots of Improvisation

Theme 1st Semester

Poetry of Colour

14th october 2024 - 18th Februar 2025

Input Weeks 14th October - 1st November 2024

Presentations 17th and 18th February 2025

Tonality - colour relationships

The central element of painting - colour tonality will be explored and experimented in this theme. Developing a practical understanding of the objectivity of colour and of the various colour intervals gives a firm basis for all genres of painting. And is essential for free colour improvisation.The relationship of painting to poetry and music will enrich this research.

  • Exploring and experimenting with colour intervals - tonality

  • Relationship of painting / drawing to poetry and music

  • Synaesthesia, the mixing of sensory levels: taste, smell, touch,

    hearing interpreted in colour and shape

  • Haiku, the meeting of poetry and colour

  • Expressiveness of colour:What do I say with colour? What

    does colour tell me?

  • Experimental book / Leporello research

  • Pigments, tempera, acrylic, inks and watercolours



Theme 2nd Semester

Human levels

17th March - 26th June 2025

Input Weeks Presentations

17th March - 4th April 25th and 26th June

The Four levels of the Human

The theme will include aspects of all four dimensions of the human : the physical form with the bone, inner organs and the outer appearan- ce of the figure.
The life or etheric body with the aspects of circulation, respiration and movement in space.The astral or soul body with the inner world of feelings and emotions.The human I or ego relating to the flame of the individual.
All these levels naturally interpenetrate in the living human being.
The aim of the theme is to gain a deeper overview of the human 
being and to find one›s own way of working with the most historically significant motif in the entire history of art - the human figure.

• Study of the anatomy and life drawing
• Body awareness exercises with movement and performance • The human and the human environment
• Portrait and the nature of the invisible
• Study of human cosmology
• The human colour spectrum – the outer and inner colours of

the human- «Inkarnat»
• Oil and tempera painting techniques • Photography and printing