Gesture of Colour

Gesture of Colour

15 October- 14 December 2018


Input weeks: 15 October - 1 November 2018

Project weeks: 5 November - 14 December 2018


The gesture of colour is at the heart of how the relation of the colours with their surroundings finds its expression.

The intermediate colours orange, violet and green are the focus of this thematic field.

Which opposite energies and gestures are concealed within them? Each of these colours being the reunion of two basic colours, a great potential is available for creative powers and tones to unfold.  


  • Creation of the image, between the movement of the colour and the mood conjured up by the colour.
  • The interrelationship of the colours to one another, vivid and pictorial colours (R. Steiner)
  • Tertiary colours  (J. Itten, H. Benedikt)
  • Watercolours and acrylic tempera
  • Body movements and performance