Full-time study

A four-year diploma study programme with with a main emphasis on painting.

Full-time study

The craft of painting and drawing forms the basis of the studies at the Visual Art School Basel (VASB).

The full-time course leading to a diploma is four years. Each academic year is divided into three themes of about ten weeks. (See study content)

The year begins in September with an introductory week to the year's general theme.



Input weeks

During the three input weeks, the topic will be worked on collectively. Visiting lecturers or speakers are often co-opted for specialised support (depending on the subject, for example, biologist, colour researcher, musician, astrologer, geologist, naturopath, etc.).

These three intensive introductory weeks are intended to provide an overview of the topic and to show painting-graphic approaches and implementations of the subject through experiment, exercise and exchange.

Art history and art viewing from antiquity to modern times accompanies the respective topic.

Project weeks

The project weeks usually last six to seven weeks. The project overview, written by the teachers, with suggestions, is intended to provide the student with a help to choose the self-chosen project within the topic. The project work is constantly accompanied by the teachers. Daily exchange within the group and further specific moments of practice result in support for working individually.

Once a year, the student will prepare a lecture on art history.

Project presentation / Exhibition

The individual projects are presented within the school in the conclusion of the project. This consists of an oral summary and a written documentation based on the research in the sketchbook.

The project works are sometimes also publicly presented at the school in the form of an exhibition.

Conclusion ‒ Diploma thesis

An independent project work within the fourth year of study on an individually chosen topic is part of the successful completion of the studies. Read more