Year 2022 - a review

Year 2022 - a review


Dear Friends and Art fans,

Firstly, thanks for your interest for and support of the Visual Art School Basel during 2022!

It was a fruitful and intense year in the work with students and in collaborations with guest teachers. We look back on fascinating themes: Human Space in autumn 2021, Birth of Colour in the winter 2022, Animal world in the spring 2022 and Gesture of Colour in the autumn to winter 2022. The richness of research and creativity can be seen in the projects and images on the website. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our collaborators for their inspiring and helpful inputs: Duilio Martins for sculpture and photography, Caroline Donati for painting on silk, Sarah Walbeck for colour phenomena, Johannes Greiner for cultural consciousness, Gabi Stepp for printing, Rowan and Jasminka Blockey for body awareness and performance, Phillipe Gautier for book binding. Many thanks also for our guest teachers offering evening classes and summer workshops: Eunjin Kim Cavegn, Simone Thiele, Ingrid Boll and Natacha Di Nucci to whom we are also very grateful for her support as secretary these last years and who will be leaving this post in the early part of the coming year. Duilio A. Martins has left the team and we thank him for his long and essential collaboration. 

Without going into details, the work this year has a had a special quality; after the rough waters of the Corona Tsunami which made us more aware than ever of the importance and the fragility of our cultural impulse in these times, there is a feeling of new potential and strength in the work. The group dynamic in the two formations – part-time and full-time, has been one of tolerance, mutual trust and gratitude, common research and striving beyond the purely personal. This working climate has been a regenerating force from which, I think we have all profited.

It is a continual flow of new commers and those who complete their studies that lends to this richness and delicate balance. We would like to congratulate Ylvie Reinauer and Sarah Walbeck for their successful completion of the full-time study program with wonderful final diploma projects. In the part-time program Béatrice Koncillja-Sartorius, Marianne Hunziker und Margrit Fuchs successfully completed their four-year studies with diploma.

Bernice Schweizer left us in spring of this year for a break and sadly died in December aged 82 having completed four years.

We welcome to the community of students: Ioanna Cîmpeanu, Jule Biegger, Eleanora Babejova, Ursula Pliessnig in the full-time program and Angelika Schreiber, Christine Helbling, Françoise Christ, Dudsanee Mongkorn, Tatjana Tatar and Aranka Dobo in the part-time program.

This last year has seen an intensification of the collaboration with Bio Stiftung Schweiz which we will be continuing in the future. The themes that connect us are sustainability and the meeting of culture with agriculture, Joseph Beuys and social sculpture. The three-day seminar with Johannes Stüttgen in September 2022 that took place in the Visual Art School for the second-year running was one of the highlights of this working together with Mathias Forster and the Bio Stiftung Schweiz. Through the Beuys/Stüttgen impulse it becomes clear that the individual artistic disciplines, for us it’s of course painting and drawing, have to come out of the closet and see themselves in the light of the far-reaching questions of the human dilemma and the forming of the future.

We wish you all a very creative, intense and most Happy New Year 2023.



Charles Blockey
Fredy Buchwalder