Nature of the Invisible

Input weeks workshop

Nature of the Invisible

16th January to 3rd February 2023


The attempt to explore the subtle dimension of man has always been at the heart of artistic endeavours. ("The nature of the invisible", O. Redon)

How can the inner face of the human being be represented, in portrait or in figure?

Based on external observations, we explore the way soul and spirit express themselves in the human being, in drawing, colour and chiaroscuro (light/dark). 


  • Observation training on a model
  • Acquisition of various drawing techniques
  • Exploration and development of pictorial colours  (R. Steiner)
  • Philosophical studies/ The Nature of Man
  • The 4 temperaments / the 7 cardinal sins
  • Synaesthesia, scents/colours
  • Tempera/ oil painting / graphic print / photography