Painting - Drawing, 29.6. - 3.7.2020



Summer workshop on the colour black

29 june - 3 july 2020


In this workshop we will give an insight into the way artistic process is approached in the VASB around the theme of the colour black. The course will be interesting for people with painting and drawing experience and is also accessisble to those who are curious to discover their creativity.

As a starting point we will look at the image quality of the black. With the black we do not have darkness itself on the paper or canvas but an image of darkness. This leads to question the character of darkness; when do we encounter this in our daily lives? What kind of world do we meet when we close our eyes? It is the activity of consciousness that enables us to hold our inner focus in this quality. To paint with black will challenge us to be inwardly aware. It will also motivate our decisiveness.

During the five day workshop through drawing, painting and printing (etching and linocut) we will experiment and research following themes:

  • Materiality of black; charcoal, inks, pigments, acrylic and oil paint on various structures
  • Language of surface; the form potential of black
  • Black calls for white; leading to manifold meetings and compositional possibilities
  • Black as tonality; shades of black from warm to cool
  • Black invites; which colours will we include with black and how will they dialogue?
  • The gestural and graphic potential of the black
  • The development of black throughout different cultural epochs and particularly in the history of modern art