Painting - Drawing, 5 – 9 July 2021



Summer workshop on the colour white

5 – 9 July 2021


If you happen to be in a white room, take a look around and ask yourself where you really see white - we could almost forgive Mr Newton for proposing that all colours come out of white light.

In this workshop we will be researching the colour white in its whole scale of variations. The journey will be an experimental questioning with the help of various materials including plaster, marble flour, chalk, lime, paper and material. 

Central questions may be: 

  • What is the relationship of white to light?
  • What is the nature of light?
  • What lies behind the description of white as the soul’s image of the spiritual?
  • Where does the mystery of emptiness lead? 

Painting centred around the theme of white will include forming it and forming within it - for both purposes we will need the help of other qualities and colours. A white surface with a charcoal line incised in it is whiter than one without.

Artist of the modern have drawn our attention to white as a colour and we will be including a study of some them in this workshop:  Cy Twombly, Mondrian, Motherwell, Eva Hesse, Basquiat, Fontana, Mark Tobey, Beppe Assenza, Bisier, Robert Ryman and others.