Painting Processes - complementary colours

Workshop 5 days, 2 - 6 August 2022
course in german

Painting Processes - complementary colours


Summer workshop on the theme
"Painting Processes - Compelmentary Colours"

August 2 - 6, 2022


Complementary colours will accompany and inspire us throughout this course. We will approach the specific colour combinations through close observation and experience. Complementary colours enhance each other and lead to an intense sensation. This phenomenon is used in advertising: red meat on a green background, etc.

In this summer course we are interested in sharpening our own perception and in the way of how we can apply this to further develop our own compositions: how we can use a specific colour combination, how we can embed it and how can we take it to guide the gaze of our viewer.

The summer course involves exercises in abstract painting. They will be translated into free-hand large-format works of art. The students will each receive tutoring to aid them build their paintings, and they will be prompted to develop their own understanding of a composition.

The summer course is open to beginners and advanced students. It provides insights into the work and teaching methods at the Visual Art School Basel. The teacher is available at any time for your questions.