The Human Colour - Inkarnat - Canceled

Painting - Drawing, 4 – 8 July 2022

The Human Colour - Inkarnat - Canceled


Summer workshop on the theme "The Human Colour" - Inkarnat

 4 - 8 July 2022 


The colour of the human embraces all the races and peoples. What is this vulnerable quality that we carry – «our rags of light»?   In this workshop we will explore this question from different angles. One of these will be observation and painterly translation of impressions of people, portrait and figure. Another will be looking into and experimenting with the process that underlies the human colour, the colour of incarnation independent of the human form. The «image» colours described by Steiner in his lectures on the being of colour and of which the human colour is one, will be central to this research. The question that burns in our times- who am I? will hopefully find echoes in the soul landscape of this palette.

Techniques will include – Oil and tempera on paper and board. We will be experimenting with the mixture of oil-based and water-based mediums.